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Passion Spas is the only Swim Spa manufacturer in the world to offer Current-Lift Technology,enabling the swimmer to remain prone on the water surface at any degree of current intensity.

The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas is designed to provide an authentic swimming experience that adjusts to theintensity of your workout.

Our innovative Current-Lift technology was developed by Passion Spas and automaticallyadjusts the water current to the intensity of your workout.

As you decrease the force of the upper two swim jets, thelower swim jets automatically increase in intensity, creating more “lift,” providing more buoyancy as your swimmingspeed decreases.

The faster you swim, the less lift is needed from the lower jets and the flow is directed to the upperjets for a stronger current.

Swim Spas in the Fitness Collection also include Rowing Gear, Access Step and SynergyWater Maintenance System as standard features.




Specifications : Length: 400 cm, Width: 228 cm, Height: 126 cm

Turbo Swim Jets: 4

Floor Swim Jets: 2

Synergy Water Maintenance System

Energy Efficient Filtration Pump

Hybrid Heating

Current-Lift Technology

Multi layered Shell Construction

Maintenance-free Exterior Cabinet

Star Brite LED Underwater Lighting

Multiple Zoned Air Controls

Water Drainage

programmable Filtration System

ACC Heating System

Additional information

Weight 1550 kg
Dimensions 391 × 229 × 127 cm


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