Wirral Hot Tubs are now part of the Hypa Spa & Wellness group. For all prices and details on our spa range, please contact Hypa Spa on 0151 336 2045 or info@hypaspa.com. You can also visit www.Hypaspa.com for more information, thank you.

Wirral hot tubs are the largest supplier of Passion Spas in the North West. We only work with the most trusted brands in the industry and we can therefore be confident that our customers will be happy with their purchase for years to come.

Popular Hot Tubs

These are the most popular Hot tubs our customers love.

With three bucket seats and two full-size loungers, the Relax Spa is an optimal choice for spending time with family and friends. The loungers have been designed to provide additional lumbar support.

One of our most popular spas, the Refresh is a spacious 5-person spa combining bench, bucket and lounge seating. Seat configuration and jet placements were designed with recommendations from a physical therapist, providing maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort.

The Repose Spa incorporates three ergonomic loungers, each in a different size to accommodate people of different heights. Each lounger has exceptional lumbar support for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Featured Hot Tubs

Are you looking for a Hot tub with a little something extra?

These Hot tubs have the added extra features that you might be looking for.

The Ecstatic is a seven-person oasis that incorporates all standard features from the Exclusive Collection, and then some. It has five seats, one lounger, and one Levitation Bed. The Levitation Bed is the most innovative spa feature available on the market today, allowing you to lay face up or face down for the most relaxing whole-body massage imaginable.

The Euphoria Spa combines the most innovative spa massage ever developed with a 4-person configuration that provides multiple types of invigorating massage. The Levitation Bed was developed by Passion Spas and allows the user to lie face down or face up on the massage bed for a head-to-toe massage on both the front and back of the body.

As part of the Exclusive Collection, the Felicity lives up to its name. The two-person Wave Bench allows for a cozy side-by-side massage for you and your significant other, to enjoy the Wave sensation together. And, as part of the Exclusive Collection, the Felicity incorporates the most advanced and exciting massage experience we offer. Aqua Rolling Massage, Wave Massage, Waterfall
Massage, and Intense Therapy Zone™, are all standard in this amazing spa.

Hot tub Offers

Looking for a great Hot tub at a great price?

Well look no further.

The Pleasure Spa is constructed to last a lifetime and was designed with exceptional attention to detail. Improved reclining capabilities, extra lumbar support, and updated massage functions all combine to make this fully-featured model the ultimate choice for personal therapy.

Passion Spas is pleased to present the new Delight Spa. We anticipate this being a very popular spa with families due to the variety of seating configurations. There are two comfortable loungers designed for different body lengths and extensive massage therapy with various features, including Passion Spas’ propriety Aqua Rolling Massage.

Deep and wide bucket seats are the trademark feature of the Joy Spa. Each seat is packed with a different massage jet configuration to deliver an invigorating personal massage. The spa comes with a variation of standard and bucket seating to accommodate up to seven people.

Wirral Hot Tubs are part of the Hypa Spa group. For further information, please contact www.hypaspa.com or email info@hypaspa.com


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